How is a CPAP Used to Treat Sleep Apnea?


If you (or your sleep partner) have been struggling with snoring or other sleeping disorders, you may be wondering how is a CPAP used to treat sleep apnea, and can it help. To first explain how CPAP treats sleep apnea, it’s important to understand what causes these types of sleeping disorders. One of the most […]

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Tooth Decay Problem? How to Fix Tooth Decay Once and For All


 Are you prone to cavities? Do dental problems run in your family? Find out how to fix tooth decay dilemmas without making extra trips to the dentist’s office.

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What Dental Procedures Help to Repair a Cracked Tooth

repair cracked tooth

You could get a cracked tooth as a result of injury, worn enamel, chewing hard foods, or other common scenarios. Are you looking to repair a cracked tooth? You’ll have to start out with getting it examined by a dentist. As with any broken tooth, Dr. Satnick will first stabilize the tooth and relieve your […]

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How Do I Change the Shape of My Teeth? [Ask a Dentist]

change shape of teeth

Something just seems a little off about your smile and you haven’t quite been able to put your finger on it. It’s not that your teeth are gapped or crooked. The color seems fine. You don’t suspect any decay, either. But now you realize that it’s the shape of your teeth themselves that seems odd. […]

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Traditional Dental X-Rays vs Digital X-Rays: Is One Better?

Traditional X-Rays vs Digital X-Rays

X-rays have been an essential part of dentistry for decades. Taking these images allows dentists to accurately diagnose and treat problems. The mid 1980’s saw the introduction of digital dental x-rays on the clinical scene. Nearly all dental practices today rely on digital imaging to take their patients’ x-rays. So now you’re wondering: how do […]

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Tooth Knocked Out? How to Handle a Dental Injury

tooth knocked out

Having a tooth knocked out can be terrifying. But as long as you know what to do in the situation, there’s no need to panic. Calmly following the proper steps will improve the chances that you can keep your tooth. Handle Your Tooth Carefully Once you realize you’ve lost a tooth, try to recover it […]

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What Is the Worst Halloween Candy for Your Teeth?

What is the worst Halloween candy for your teeth?

Many are looking forward to the upcoming Halloween season and all it brings: crisp air, fun times, a little mischief, and lots of sweets. But like other parents, you may also dread the possibility of having to bring someone in to the dentist’s office on November 1, complaining of a toothache or broken tooth. You’re […]

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Signs of a Cavity & May Need A Dental Filling

Signs of a cavity

Do you know the signs of a cavity? It’s one of those things everyone worries about at one time or another. If you or your child have a toothache, you’re doubtlessly wondering if a cavity is the cause. Here are the facts you need to know about spotting a cavity and treating it the right […]

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Oral Health for Aging Adults: Signs & Symptoms to Pay Attention To

oral health for aging adults

Gum and dental health are among the most-neglected aspects of senior health. It’s easy to assume that tooth loss is a natural part of aging, so there’s no point in prolonging the inevitable. But the new standard of oral health for aging adults means people can keep their smiles for as long as possible. Staying […]

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Pediatric Dentistry: Impact of Fruit Juice on Children’s Teeth

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is working to debunk one of the greatest health myths: fruit juice is good for kids. Juice is harmful to teeth in general, but it’s especially bad news for kids’ developing enamel.

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