Top 3 Wisdom Teeth Symptoms & What To Do Next

wisdom-teeth-symptomsDid you know that wisdom teeth symptoms can start as soon as the early teen years and last for well into the late 20s? That’s because wisdom teeth form later on in life, hence their nickname. In most cases, the 3rd molars are completely formed by the time a person reaches 30 years of age.

Here are some of the most common reasons why people have pain or complications with their wisdom teeth:

  1. Pain and Swelling

 Remember when your baby cried and chewed on things when she was teething? Your teen experiences the same discomfort when their wisdom teeth start to come in. The gums will be sore, and there could be some swelling that comes and goes around the jaw.

When symptoms don’t go away (or they’re more consistent than they are inconsistent,) it’s a sure sign that there’s a wisdom tooth problem that needs to be dealt with.

  1. Problems with Food Getting Caught

 Partial eruption means there’s an opening for your wisdom tooth in the gums, but the tooth hasn’t come all the way through. This area is known for collecting plaque and food debris; it’s also extremely challenging to keep clean.

This may not seem like that much of a problem, but when you can’t reach the wisdom teeth to clean them, they’re very likely to develop cavities and gum disease. While it’s always an option to pull them if they become infected, your otherwise healthy adjacent teeth may become damaged as a result of the infection. Proactively extracting the teeth may be best if it’s obvious that the teeth won’t come all the way in.

  1. Crowding in Other Teeth

It’s extremely common for wisdom teeth to come in at an angle. Even if they’re not erupted, they could be pushing into the teeth next to them. This pressure creates a chain reaction, leading to the teeth at the front of your mouth becoming crowded and misaligned. If you’ve previously completed orthodontic treatment, this process can undo everything you’ve invested in. Wear your retainer regularly and see our Ventura dentist to talk about having your wisdom teeth pulled before the damage can get any worse. Otherwise, you may be wearing braces all over again!

Getting a Professional Opinion

Our expert dentist in Ventura will take a panoramic X-ray of the jaws to fully assess the size, location, and development of you or your teen or college student’s 3rd molars. Depending on how the wisdom teeth are affecting the rest of your teeth and how they’re erupting, we may recommend having them removed. If your wisdom teeth are developing normally and the discomfort is only temporary, we may decide that a “watch and wait” approach is best.

The truth is that until we see an X-ray, there’s no way to completely know what’s going on underneath.

For peace of mind and the answers you deserve, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with a dentist that can check for wisdom teeth! Most insurance plans are accepted and payment plans are available.


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