10 Practical Ways to Manage Your Dental Anxiety

Tips for Dental AnxietyIf the idea of visiting the dentist almost sends you into a panic attack, then you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is a very common problem. But until you can calm your nerves before going to the dentist, the anxiety may be preventing you from getting needed dental treatment.

How can you relax and ease your dental fears? You may find the following ten tips helpful.

1. Start early.

You’ll likely find that an appointment scheduled early in the day is the most doable. Your energy levels are high in the morning and there aren’t any other distractions to compound your anxiety.

2. Talk it out.

Simply vocalizing your concerns can ease your apprehension. Don’t be shy about asking questions. Caring dental professionals are happy to both explain things and to hear you out.

3. Get a relaxing massage.

A soothing massage or a soak in a hot bubble bath are great ways to promote positivity and relaxation. You can reward yourself with such an indulgence after your dental appointment, as an incentive to get it out of the way. Or, you may opt to unwind the night before your visit.

4. Listen to music or an audiobook.

This is one of the most common ways dental patients distract themselves from the sights and sounds of a dental office. Bring your favorite music or audiobook along with a pair of headphones to tune out the world while your smile is fixed.

5. Try aromatherapy.

Just a drop of a soothing essential oil could be enough to calm your fears and make you briefly forget where you are. Lavender is great for easing anxiety in the dental office. Massage a drop onto your wrists and inhale to relax.

6. Use hand signals.

One reason you may be afraid of the dentist is because you can’t say anything when someone has their hands in your mouth. You can easily remedy this situation by agreeing with the dentist in advance on which hand signals to use to communicate your needs during treatment.

7. Breathe through your nose, wiggle your toes.

Deep breathing is proven to slow down an anxious heart rate. Wiggling your toes can help distract your mind if you’re anxious or have a sensitive gag reflex.

8. Eat a healthy meal.

Eating before a dental appointment will help you stay calm and avoid an upset stomach. Just make sure that you choose healthy foods high in fiber and protein for lasting energy. Fatty foods can make you feel nauseous when you’re already anxious.

9. Bring a friend.

Who says you have to come alone? Having a familiar face accompany you can be a great source of moral support.

10. Find a dentist with a reputation for being gentle.

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