Why Do I Have Tooth Sensitivity All of a Sudden?

why-do-i-have-tooth-sensitivityOne of the most common complains people have during their dental checkup is that of tooth sensitivity. Surprisingly, tooth sensitivity usually only has a few different causes. Depending on your particular symptoms, it’s fairly straightforward to pinpoint the root of the problem.

Here are the most common types of tooth sensitivity to be on the lookout for:

Sensitivity to Sweets

 It’s not just candy we’re talking about. When you drink your sweetened coffee, a diet soda, or even a fruit juice, the natural and artificial sugars can cause a painful after effect. This particular symptom is a red flag for undiagnosed tooth decay. If you have sweet sensitivity, let us know so that the cavity can be treated when it’s as small as possible. Waiting for the symptoms to go away on their own will only allow for it to get larger.

Sensitivity to Pressure (Pain When Biting Down)

 Is your tooth fine, except for when you bite down on it? Microscopic cracks can run through your enamel all the way to the root of your tooth without you realizing there’s a problem. Even X-rays sometimes don’t pick it up. Fortunately, our Ventura dentist has a special tool to use, which can help us to screen for a crack without referring you to a specialist.

 Heat Sensitivity

 Having teeth that are sensitive to hot foods or beverages usually means that there’s some type of nerve damage. You could have an undiagnosed abscess or a deep cavity that has allowed the nerve inside of your tooth to start to die.

 Cold or Generalized Sensitivity

Do you feel a “zing” when you breath in through your mouth, drink a glass of ice water, or have sensitivity all day long? It could be a from a couple of causes; One – that you’ve been using a whitening product (toothpaste or otherwise) that’s lead to some unwanted side effects, or Two – you have receding gumlines that are leaving a small amount of root surfaces exposed, which tend to be very sensitive when they come into contact with the “outside elements.”

Treating Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth desensitization treatments are a great way to reduce symptoms of pain and sensitivity in healthy teeth. This is usually the case if you have mild recession, have recently been using a whitening product, or naturally sensitive teeth. When non-invasive solutions aren’t an option, you may need more proactive treatments like dental work or gum treatments (like a graft or deep cleaning.)

Try using a sensitivity toothpaste every day for two weeks. If symptoms go away, it’s likely that the cause was nothing major. But if they don’t, it’s time to schedule a checkup at our office.

During your teeth cleaning in Ventura we will assess your teeth and screen for conditions that could be contributing to sensitivity. Once we do, we can determine the best type of treatment.

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