Benefits of Working with a Teeth Whitening Professional vs. DIY Treatments

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Everyone wants to know whether it’s better to consult a teeth whitening professional or just try bleaching their teeth at home.

DIY projects and cures undeniably have a money-saving appeal. But this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the best results when it comes to whitening your teeth at home.

Your best solution in terms of saving both time and money is to visit a dental professional.

Why? The following four benefits speak for themselves.

1. Professional Whitening is Safer

The biggest reason to say no to DIY teeth whitening is the risk involved.

Changing the color of your teeth may not sound dangerous. But whitening compounds contain acids and chemicals that can burn gums and wear down enamel. If not used properly, such bleaching products could cause permanent damage.

Your natural teeth are not as replaceable as you may think. They need to be whitened cautiously. To do so, you’re better off getting some professional insight.

A dentist can give you tips for safe whitening. Not only this, but letting a professional whiten your teeth means that your gums will be protected and your teeth are less likely to become sensitive.

2. You’ll Get Honest Feedback and Helpful Tips

When you whiten at home by yourself, you may be disappointed when things don’t go as expected.

What then? You could turn to Google for advice. Or you could just keep on experimenting.

Whitening in a professional dental office gives you the chance to find out which techniques and products are right for your teeth. You’ll also learn what you can do to enhance the effects and avoid more stain.

3. Going Pro Is More Cost-Effective

Looking at the initial price tag, you can see the difference in cost between in-office and DIY whitening. It looks like professional is more expensive.

But that’s only the initial cost.

You can expect that only one round of professional whitening treatment will do the trick. On the other hand, you may purchase box after box, tube after tube of bleaching products and spend countless hundreds by the time your teeth reach the desired shade.

4. You Can See Results Faster

Want a whiter smile in time for a big event?

Getting your teeth professionally whitened is the only way to achieve the smile of your dreams when you want it. Advertising for DIY and at-home procedures make it seem like they work the same for everyone. But visiting a dentist is the only way to know for sure what will be most effective for your smile.

Why waste time and money trying countless products that may only lead to tooth sensitivity?

If you’re ready to try serious teeth whitening, you need a cosmetic dentist in Ventura to help you out. Dr. David M. Satnick, DMD uses the KöR Deep Bleaching System, a laser-free and gentle yet powerful professional method that removes even the most tenacious of stains.

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