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Do you long for beautiful, white teeth and a smile with a “wow” factor? Teeth that are darkly stained or yellowed affects your appearance and your confidence. A less-than-white smile can also add years to your face, making you look older.

Schedule an appointment wiith Dr David Satnick DMD, one of the best teeth whitening dentists in Ventura County CA, to revive your smile with KöR Deep Bleaching.


At our cosmetic dental practice, we are asked this question a lot! The truth is, teeth discolor for a variety of reasons—and not all of them are elements you can control.

Your teeth may be stained due to:

  • The natural aging process
  • Nicotine in tobacco products
  • Pigment in foods, such as chocolate and blueberries
  • Dark colors, or tannins, in beverages like tea and coffee
  • Side effects of medications such as tetracycline
  • Genetics of your family—some enamel color is just inherited
  • Accumulation of plaque, which causes a yellowing effect

At our office we can use the KöR procedure to brighten your teeth no matter why your smile is dull-looking. In fact, Kör Deep Bleaching is the only FDA-approved teeth whitening system that can whiten enamel darkened by tetracycline!


Dr. David Satnick has selected KöR Deep Bleaching for our in-office teeth whitening treatment. This amazing system to whiten teeth can transform a dingy smile into a dazzling one in just one visit.

Why KöR Deep Bleaching?

  1. The formula offers optimal whitening and is proven to be an extremely effective process for whitening your enamel. In fact, KöR has some of the best teeth whitening results in the business.
  2. KöR Deep Bleaching restores your enamel’s ability to absorb oxygen. The bleaching gel is absorbed by your enamel and dissolves the most stubborn stains.
  3. The teeth whitening process sometimes causes tooth sensitivity. However, with the KöR products, clinical studies have shown the bleaching gel to cause little to no discomfort.
  4. KöR can whiten the smiles of teens and senior citizens safely and effectively—from age 14 all the way to 90 years old!
  5. The KöR whitening trays are very thin and form-fitting, more easily sealing the gel into the tray, preventing leakage into your mouth.
  6. KöR Deep Bleaching can brighten enamel up to 16 shades! The good news is that your real teeth won’t look unnatural when you whiten. They’ll look gorgeous and healthy.


We want you to have a brighter, more beautiful smile! We know you’ll love the results that the KöR Deep Bleaching system can provide. Schedule your appointment at the Ventura dental practice of Dr. David Satnick DMD.
We look forward to meeting you!

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