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Decayed, infected, or missing teeth can impair your oral health—not to mention affect your confidence. Dr. David Satnick, a restorative dentist, and our professional staff enjoy helping patients reclaim their smiles in our Ventura, CA office. Not only will your teeth look great but they’ll have the functionality and durability to last a lifetime.

Our dental practice is proud to offer a complete array of restorative dental services—from performing comfortable root canal therapy to restoring a diseased tooth, all the way to using dental implants to replace missing or badly damaged teeth.


Protecting your smile’s integrity begins by using quality restorative materials and trusted dental lab partners to create your beautiful and natural-looking restorations.
At our restorative dentistry office, we want your teeth to have both aesthetics and function—no matter what type of restoration you’re getting. Dr. Satnick wants you to be completely satisfied with your newly restored smile, and he takes the time and makes the effort needed to ensure you have a successful restorative treatment.


Restoring your smile to full health is important, especially when it comes to teeth replacements. Replacing your missing teeth restores stability and functionality, all while giving you a beautifully whole smile. Dr. Satnick, provides a variety of teeth replacement solutions, including bridgework, dentures, partials, and dental implants.


You can’t have healthy teeth without having healthy gums. Gums are truly the foundation on which to build your oral well being. After all, untreated gum disease is the number one reason for adult tooth loss in America!

In our office we use state-of-the-art gum treatments to comfortably and efficiently restore your gums to a healthy state. We can also perform other gum procedures such as re-contouring your gums to produce a less gummy smile and to treat other gingival issues.


Two common dental ailments are tooth decay and root canal infections. Dr. Satnick can perform comfortable treatments to return health to your teeth whether they suffer from cavities or from interior tooth infections. If you need a tooth restored because of a cavity, we can remove the decayed tooth structure and add a tooth-colored filling to make it strong and beautiful again. If you have a toothache or a root canal infection, we can use very comfortable methods to remove the infected tissues and then restore your tooth with a beautiful porcelain crown.


Our professionals can transform your smile even if there’s significant damage, you are in need of TMJ therapy, or need any cosmetic dental services. If you’re seeking root canal therapy, periodontal treatments, advanced dentistry, or state-of-the-art tooth replacements, a consultation with Dr. Satnick is highly advised.
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5 stars Miss L - Yelp

Not only did I feel no pain, I felt zero discomfort, I didn't even feel either of the two injections to numb any potential pain! Dr. Satnick and his assistant Debra worked together in perfect harmony as they repaired my tooth, it was like watching a ballet. My tooth looks beautiful.
5 stars Fred N

Dr. Satnick and his staff are excellent. Restorations perfect, cleaning is superb, and attitude of the crew is very friendly. Thanks for all the love!