Comfortable Dentures in Ventura, CA


At our Ventura CA restorative dental practice, Dr. David Satnick uses advanced techniques, high-quality bio-compatible materials, and years of training and experience to create the best partials and dentures just for you.

People lose teeth because of:

  • Dental traumas
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Large cavities
  • Tooth extractions

Missing teeth can not only cause embarrassment and kill your confidence, they can also destroy your dental well being. Your bite may worsen because your remaining teeth are doing the work that’s meant for a full set of teeth. In other words, your bite shifts and impacts how you chew, how you speak, and can even cause jaw joint problems.

Patients who have missing teeth have higher risks of:

  • Getting gum disease
  • Losing more teeth
  • Needing periodontal treatment

An affordable way to replace your missing teeth is to fit you for either a partial or full set of dentures.

Depending on your teeth replacement needs Dr. Satnick can customize full dentures fit for your upper and lower arches, or create partial dentures to fill in gaps around your natural teeth. Having a full set of teeth not only improves your appearance but also betters your speech and allows you to more effectively meet your dietary needs.


We can replace your missing teeth with removable partial dentures if there are only a few gaps in your smile. Dr. Satnick takes the utmost care in creating comfortable partials that give you a whole and natural smile. Partial dentures may be attached to your real teeth with metal clasps or gum colored clasps. Or you may opt to receive dental implants as the attachment points for your new partial dentures.


We can take care of you at our dental practice! For patients with total tooth loss, our experienced dentist will fit your mouth for a full set of natural-looking dentures that return beauty to your smile.
Full denture replacement consists of artificial teeth made of acrylic resin, custom-fit for the gums of the individual patient. They will allow you to smile again and to speak clearly without an ounce of embarrassment. Imagine being able to show off those pearly whites, talk without slurring, and enjoy all kinds of delicious foods.

Your new full set of dentures can be attached via traditional methods such as adhesive and suction, or with dental implants. Implant-retained dentures are excellent way to both restore your full smile and to ensure your continued good oral health.


If you are ready to look and feel better about your smile, schedule a consultation time with Dr. Satnick now.
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5 stars Stephanie G. - Yelp

Everyone was super friendly and most importantly honest about the condition of my teeth. Dr. Satnick and his team certainly made me feel comfortable and welcomed. If you’re looking for a quality dentist in Ventura County go visit him and his team.
5 stars Cy S – Google

My choice of David Satnick as my dentist was one of the best choices I have ever made. His front office staff, dental hygienists and nurses and, of course, Dr. Satnick are positive, friendly, thorough and totally interested in making each patient's dental visit a successful and pleasant one.