Repairing Chipped Teeth: 3 Reasons To Do It Now

Trepairing chipped teethoday, you rarely see a politician or celebrity without a perfectly even smile. It is causing the cosmetic dentistry industry to rise as everyday people just like you and I are now able to repair their smiles for reasons other than their dental health.

One of the most common “fixes” that people see a dentist for, is a chipped or broken tooth. No matter the incident, it is equally important to promptly eliminate the side effects of the trauma by repairing chipped teeth. A tooth can fracture by something as simple as a bump on a coffee mug, chewing an almond, or even biting a fork wrong; but there are far greater traumas like a baseball to the mouth to consider as well.

A Broken Tooth Can Leave You Embarrassed and Self-Conscious

First impressions can be vital when interviewing for a job, going out with a group of friends, or even having your photograph taken. Having a chipped front tooth can be very distracting to the potential employer and could send a negative non-verbal message that could cost you the position. This situation could be easily avoided with a quick visit to check with your dentist regarding what restorative treatments can be performed. In this case, a simple white dental bonding may need to be added to make the edge smooth and even again, sometimes not requiring any anesthetics!

Does Your Tooth Have a Jagged Edge Cutting Your Mouth or Tongue?

Unfortunately, it can be common for a molar with a silver filling to crack without warning and leave you with a very sharp edge on your tooth.  Over time, it can rub your tongue or cheek with normal daily activities such as eating and talking, but sometimes it is your curious tongue that will not leave it alone that causes an ulcer in your mouth.

None the less, constant tissue irritations, if left untreated, can lead to infections and even increase your risk for oral cancers. Warm salt water is always a safe treatment to help relieve the soreness, but to fully resolve this issue- it may require placing a new crown (or “cap”) to cover the broken tooth.

When Your Chipped Tooth is Causing You Pain, Here’s What to Do

Finally, a chipped tooth can also cause pain or sporadic toothaches. Without its protective enamel covering, the inner portions of the tooth are now exposed and vulnerable to acids, sugars, and temperature changes. Cavities can easily begin to form on the softer tooth structures and will further break down the anatomy, even infecting the nerve. This can lead to more expensive treatments or even tooth loss.

When it comes to seeking treatment for a chipped tooth, it’s best to do so quickly, no matter how big or small the broken area is. We would love to be the cosmetic dentist in Ventura County to meet your all dental needs; call us today for our next available appointment.


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