4 Dental Procedures to Repair a Chipped Tooth

repair a chipped toothIf you just slipped in the bathroom or had a child butt their head up against your mouth, you might have a chipped tooth. Even if the break is small, it can feel sharp to your tongue or look huge in the mirror. When the break is significant, it can be devastating.

First things first, it’s important to call our dentist. Once you arrive at our practice, Dr. Satnick will talk about what options are available to repair a chipped tooth. Here are four of the most common procedures that you might have to choose from:

For a Small, Quick Fix: Dental Bonding

Small chips can easily be repaired with white composite bonding. Like a tooth colored filling, bonding blends in with your enamel. We carefully shape it over the chip to recreate the natural contour of your tooth. In most cases, numbing isn’t even necessary! Once the desired shape is achieved, we use a bright light to cure it into place permanently.

Veneers are Perfect for Moderate Damage

Maybe the flaw in your tooth is a bit bigger than what you would want to cover with bonding. Perhaps the tooth needs to be generally reshaped or built-up but doesn’t quite need a crown. A dental veneer is a great way to repair a chipped tooth while also enhancing the appearance of your smile at the very same time.

Get Full Coverage with a Porcelain Crown

Let’s say the chip in your tooth is more of a large fracture that extends well past the outer layer of enamel. Simply covering it up with bonding or a veneer wouldn’t give you the structural integrity to keep biting or chewing normally. Instead of having something pop off during your meal, it’s better to cover the tooth fully.

A porcelain crown (or “cap”) will encompass the full tooth above your gumline, guarding it against additional damage. Not only that, the crown can function for years, while preserving the aesthetics of your smile. Next to getting a root canal putting a crown over your chipped enamel is the last line of defense when it comes to preserving your natural tooth.

Need to Pull the Tooth? Replace it With a Dental Implant

Your tooth may need to be extracted if it’s beyond repair. In such a case, it wouldn’t be cost-effective to try to keep restoring it. Instead, it’s better to pull the tooth altogether…especially if the crack extends down into the root.

But once your tooth is gone, it’s important to replace it in a timely manner. One of the best ways to do that is placing a dental implant at the same time as — or soon after — your dental extraction. The new “artificial root” will support a crown to replace the damaged tooth.

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