Find a Cosmetic Dentist in Ventura CA: Where To Look & What to Ask

find a cosmetic dentistWith today’s technology and social media outlets, you can find a cosmetic dentist in the Ventura area with ease.

Here are some places to search and some suggested questions to ask while looking:

Check the AACD Database

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) Database is a great tool to start your search. Here, dentists can be found based on zip code, accreditation type, and last name. Select “view profile” to read about each dentist. While every office has different information posted, you can learn about things like the provider’s credentials, education, location, hours, insurance plans accepted, and types of services offered. The AACD website explains that their members have indicated a desire for continuing their education and therefore, providing the most excellent services to their patients.

Ask For Referrals & Check Reviews to Find Experts in Your Area

New to the area? Ask your new friends where they go for dental appointments. Word of mouth (no pun intended) can be a very powerful way to find your next dentist. Your coworkers might be able to provide some local expertise. If you haven’t had time to make friends yet, you might check the American Dental Association site or even Yelp might help. Membership in the ADA can be an indication of a quality evidence-based practice, and Yelp can provide local reviews by patients just like you.

Still Unsure? Ask to See Before & After Photos

Pictures can be one of the best ways to decide if an office is a right fit for you. Are you looking for a full mouth makeover? Make sure you find a practice that has plenty of experience and the pictures to prove it. Do their patients’ crowned teeth look natural? Nice shape and color? Are the margins of the crowns safely hidden along the gum line? Do you like their veneers? How about their dentures and implants? Does the spacing look right? All of the cliché sayings are true in this case – The proof is in the pudding and a picture really can be worth a thousand words!

Schedule a Consultation or Second Opinion

Before you commit to any dental treatment with a new dental office, you should have a thorough dental examination; consultation and treatment plan with all pricing presented to you. This gives you an opportunity to meet the staff, meet the doctor, see the practice and decide if this office will be a good fit for you.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable in the Practice and With the Team

Was everyone nice to you when you called? How about when you visited the office? Did you feel good about the way you were treated? Satisfied by the dentist’s training and evidence of cases like yours? Were all of your questions answered while you were there? Was their technology as modern as you had hoped? The answers to all of these questions are very important. After all, you don’t just want to find a dentist – you want to find the BEST cosmetic dentist in Ventura for you!


Are you ready to make your smile better? Schedule an appointment with top Ventura cosmetic dentist Dr. David Satnick, DDS, or for more information call 805.639.3050 now!

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