Ask A Dentist: Dentures vs. Dental Implants [Ultimate Guide]

dentures vs dental implantsYou’ve got a missing tooth or two (or maybe even a mouthful). You’ve decided to replace them, but you’re not certain how… dentures vs. dental implants? How do you decide?

Dentures: Pros & Cons

COST – Dentures are usually very cost-effective. Of course, in many ways you pay for what you get, so know ahead of time that there are different qualities of materials that can be used. You may ask to see a sample. Also, ask your dentist if the first denture that you receive will be permanent or just one to use for a few months. Some providers give an immediate denture and then a permanent denture later. Make sure you know the plan, so you can fully understand the cost.

LONGEVITY – A good denture can last a long time…most dentists would probably say 5-10 years before a new denture or a relining be needed. Of course, there are many patients who keep their dentures much longer than this. Much depends on how well the patient takes care of the appliance and how much shrinkage occurs along the arch of your bone and gums over time. It’s recommended that you remove the denture at night for cleaning and to allow the tissue underneath to breathe.

PROCEDURE – The procedure is simple. Impressions are taken of the upper and lower arches, and pictures of your smile are taken. Then a registration of your bite is taken. A thin wax-up may be delivered for you to try on before the final product to make sure you like how everything looks as adjustments to size, shape and position of teeth can still be made at this point of the treatment.

Dental Implants: Pros & Cons

COST – Dental implants can be more of an upfront investment, but their beauty and independent functionality can’t be beaten. Over the course of time, they may actually be the most cost-effective option to replace missing teeth.

LONGEVITY – Most dentists would probably agree that implants have the potential to be the longest lasting restorations in the mouth. Research has shown implants can last 25 years. For many people, implants last for the rest of their life.

PROCEDURE – There are different methods for placing implants. The most common occur in 3 steps:

  • Surgery to place the initial implant
  • Surgery to place the healing collar/temporary crown
  • Placement of permanent implant crown

Many offices offer sedation options to make the procedure even more comfortable than the local anesthetics that are always used. Inquire to find out what your choices may be.

How do You Know Which is Right for You?

Either choice is a good one – it’s just figuring out what is best for you. Dentures will generally be less expensive, require a simpler in-office procedure, but will probably need to be replaced or relined much sooner than implants. Some patients don’t like the plastic look/feel of dentures and don’t like taking them out of their mouths at night (where others can see) or how it inhibits speaking/eating.

Implants can be used more selectively and crown size can be adjusted to fit almost any space. They may cost more upfront but should last longer, too. You’ll spend more time in the dental chair for the procedure but will leave with a smile that you’ll care for just like natural teeth.

You really can’t go wrong with dental implants in Ventura. Ask your dentist what he or she recommends for you!


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